Copper ores

Cow Hides

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This is row copper is found in Somaliland 

Cow hides and Goats sheep skin

This is Somali frankincense found in erigavo,somaliland.

The row Sisal Fiber is usedto make ropes and home materails

Business to Business 


Sisal Fiber


Adam Brokerage Firm (ABF) is a Company it has recently established in Somaliland (North West of Somalia).It is based in Hargeisa, so its aim is to export Camel and Cow hides, Goats and Sheep Skin, Cow horns, Somali frankincense, Sisal fiber and minerals like Copper ores and Emerald. Another aim is to work as a broker of Business to Business from supplier and buyer, when some buyers need some products available in global market, but the buyer has not the ability   to access it.